Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sock Club List


Sock Club Name




A Swell Yarn Shop

Lucky Lurkers Sock Club

Lucky Lurkers Sock Club

Artsy Gal

Artsygal Sock Club

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Rockin' Sock Club

Bright Dyes (UK)

3 Month Sock Club

Chewy Spaghetti

Holiday Themed Sock Club


Harry Potter Cover Sock Club

Ellie Belly

Sock of the Month Club

Fearless Fibers

Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club

Hill Country Yarns

Hill Country Yarns Sock Club

I Knit (UK)

I Knit London


Regular or Deluxe

Make one Yarn Studio

Sockaholics Anonymous


Year of the Sock, Sock of the Month 4 Month, We Want Candy

Middle Earth Yarns

Sock Yarn Club

Natural Dye Studio

Sock Club

Pick Up Sticks

Sock of the Month Club


Yarntini Sock Club

Razzy Tazzy Knits

Razzy Tazzy Knits Sock Club

Red Bird Knits

Sock of the Month Club

Robyn's Nest

Robyn's Nest Sock Club

Ruby Sapphire Yarns

Ruby Sapphire Sock Club

Scouts Swag

Spunky Eclectic

Spunky Junky


The Petals Collection

Sunshine Yarns

The Loopy Ewe

The Sweet Sheep

Self Striping Sock Yarn, Sweet Sheep Sock Club

VanCalCar Acres

Flock Sock Club

White Oak Studio

TVYarn Sock Club- Chick Flick Movies

Wool Girl

Wool Girl Sock club

Yarn 4 Socks

Y4S Sock Club

Yarn Pirate

Booty Club

Yarn Tree

A Sock for All Seasons

Zen Yarn Garden

Harmony Semi-Solid Sock Yarn Club, Art Walk Sock Yarn Club


Suzanne said...

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

RoxanneZYG said...

Cool! Oh, my ART WALK club is at Thanks!

Roobeedoo said...

Oh my goodness! There should be a health warning for anyone who comes across this post - thank you!

Friender said...

carol said...

I have a good sock club at

Anonymous said...

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L said...

If you prefer cotton yarns we have a cotton sock club starting very very soon.

Laura said...

hey, i'm knittinkitties on ravelry and was wondering if you needed any assistance with updating this chart. i would be happy to help you. Rav mail me and i'd be happy to chat :-)

Arianne said...

You forgot to add the SOCK(topus) Club by!!

Larissa said...

Could there also be another set of categories added - yarn, pattern, swag? I want to sign up for a club this year, but I want that sends a pattern with the yarn. It might be silly, but having a pattern meant to go with a particular yarn increases my odds of knitting it! Thanks for compiling this.

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